The true value of Silver

We accept cryptocurrencies is in preserving purchasing power
The true value of Silver in preserving purchasing power is in its use, for every day transaction. About 2300 years ago in ancient Babylon, 0.171g of Silver bought about 1 quart of Barley. Today 0.171g of Silver would buy the same amount of grains with some change to spare, see the info graphic.


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We are an organisation that helps people maintain their purchasing power, by facilitating the use of our vouchers which are fully guaranteed by Silver for the exchange of goods and services. All the physical Silver is held in a common law trust, Bordon Ltd sponsors and acts within the trust’s directives.
Our century vision
To help people maintain purchasing power, hence reduce poverty.
To charitably support open source energy solutions of the future.
To charitably support naturopathic healthcare.
To charitably support holistic education.